Axiom Rules-Mapping solution

A comprehensive solution for all your compliance requirements

Axiom Rules-Mapping is an end-to-end regulatory compliance solution that allows for detailed Rules Mapping covering the full scope of your compliance activities. Using Axiom, you can review all of the compliance obligations that your business must operate within – regulatory rules (such as SYSC, PRIN, COBS, COCON), professional standards (GDPR, ISO), or even internal policy requirements.

From this starting point, Axiom maintains your library of business processes, controls, and identified risks which can be dynamically mapped to the regulation and automatically maintained with a powerful workflow system. You can collect evidence from stakeholders that responses are maintained and continue to be effective with automated attestation rules, and you can obtain detailed management information using a powerful self-service MI portal.

Drill down to compliance responses and quality metrics by product, line of business, customer or any other criteria that you can use to organise your regulatory data. Access can be provided for audit purposes, or information shared with others to facilitate revolutionary third-party oversight capabilities. Best of all, for all UK financial services regulation, Axiom contains a licensed feed of up-to-date rules text directly from the regulator, keeping you abreast of any changes in real-time.

Key features of the solution

Manage all your compliance obligations with Axiom Rules-Mapping solution

Single repository of all compliance data

Real-time feed of regulatory updates

Online workflow, attestation, and evidence gathering

Secure data repository for policy, procedure, or evidence documents

Comprehensive data analytics

MI portal with detailed report builder

Automatic generation and update of compliance documentation

Full API capability allowing for in-depth integration with other systems

Customer Testimonials

Stable and user friendly interface

It is relatively low-cost with the user interface stable and user-friendly. The backup team from Axiom are easy to contact and within that team, there are CASS specialists who are recognised throughout the industry which gives us confidence in the advice and the solution that we are using.

Ticks all the boxes

Axiom ticked the boxes we really wanted to cover. The centralisation, the attestation and the resolution pack. It ticks all the boxes that we wanted to sign off.

Axiom openly committed to enhancing its product

It is refreshing to see a software provider that is so openly committed to enhancing its product.

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