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Axiom Rules-Mapping Solution
Axiom Rules-Mapping is an end-to-end regulatory compliance solution that allows for detailed Rules Mapping covering the full scope of your compliance activities. Using Axiom, you can review all of the compliance obligations that your business must operate within - regulatory rules(like SYSC, COCON, COBS,PRIN), professional standards (like GDPR,ISO), or even internal policy requirements.
Axiom for SMCR
Our Axiom for SMCR solution manages and monitors the responsibilities of senior managers while maintaining transparency through real-time MI and dashboards.
Axiom for CASS
Our Axiom for CASS solution simplifies compliance monitoring and provides you with risk oversight on its powerful management information system.
Axiom for Third-Party Oversight
Our Axiom for Third-Party Oversight solution is designed to improve governance of activities carried out by third-party service providers.
Axiom for SYSC
Our Axiom for SYSC solution helps you evidence your compliance with the SYSC sourcebook and provides you with governance oversight.
Axiom Issue and Breach Management Tool
The Axiom Issue and Breach Management tool is a dedicated software solution for financial services firms faced with the challenge of tracking regulatory issues and breaches. Its robust online workflow simplifies reporting, tracking and resolving issues with individual action plans and tasks that can be assigned to Axiom users.

Customer Testimonials

Centralisation, attestation and audit trail.

The centralisation that is possible in Axiom makes life a lot easier. Users can get into it, can make changes to it all day, disrupt documents scattered around in the network and pull them for attestations. Its ability to do that and have an audit trail of what we are doing is good.

Delegating attestations to relevant team members

The feature that I value the most in Axiom is the ability to delegate attestations to relevant team members making the whole CASS project a team effort. Also, the ability to set up several users on the system and have them feel involved in the compliance.

Axiom CASS Clubs constructive

I like the interaction between the Axiom employees and their customers. The Axiom CASS Clubs are very constructive. I particularly appreciate their willingness to take on board the feedback from the meetings, and it is possible to see that reflected in the way the product is being developed.  I am comfortable and confident that Axiom will continue to assist us in meeting our regulatory requirements.

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Industry-leading regulatory compliance solutions

Axiom HQ provides regulatory compliance solutions designed to help you demonstrate and evidence compliance using Axiom platform’s comprehensive rules-mapping, risk and control tools, automated reporting features and powerful dashboards.

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