Axiom Academy

Axiom HQ is deeply committed to providing resources to educate and equip the financial service professionals with the technological skills to evidence compliance and manage risk.

Axiom Issue and Breach Management solution
The Axiom Issue and Breach management solution is a dedicated software solution for raising and managing compliance risk incidents. Learn how Axiom's powerful rules-mapping system integrates fully with the Breach solution, allowing you to link breaches directly to the relevant regulation.
Axiom for SMCR
The FCA’s Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR) is set to cover all solo-regulated firms from 9 December 2019. Here is a preview of our solution which can help you in your implementation of the senior managers and certification regime.
Axiom's MI system
At the core of Axiom is the powerful management information system (MI). Learn how to build your own dashboards and create reports with the MI. Drill into the data for further analysis and draw out detailed insights for your committees and the board.
Axiom's Reminders and attestations functionality
Reminders and attestations are one of the cornerstones of the Axiom system. They can give great insight into your operations and provide key evidence for internal and external audit. This video gives an overview of the reminders and attestations functionality on the Axiom platform.
Axiom's Mapping interface
Axiom's Mapping Interface video gives an overview of the mapping screen where you can perform functions around common compliance items - Rules, Risks, Controls and Processes.  It is the de-facto place to view and maintain compliance information.
Axiom's Custom Topics
In Axiom, Custom topics can be used to categorise and organise information in hierarchical structures, as well as open up the possibility of custom frameworks for a whole range of applications. Learn how Custom Topics are used and how they can help you to comply with any rule.

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