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Axiom HQ is proud to partner with some of the most innovative and agile players in the compliance and technology fields so that we can bring powerful, fully-featured solutions to every regulated firm no matter how unique the challenge.

If you already work with one of our partners then you can look forward to a quick and easy integration of content and systems to deliver the benefits of the Axiom platform to your firm even more quickly.

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If you would like to provide Axiom regulatory compliance solutions to your clients at preferential rates as part of your regulatory compliance service then please get in touch to discuss our partnership programme

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Our content partner, Prin10 offers several services for implementing Axiom for CASS in your compliance department and for ensuring that you embed CASS compliance best practice by leveraging Axiom functionality.For more information, please download the Prin10 CASS Package for Axiom brochure



Our partnership with Rosediem Consulting allows us to offer their CASS RACI product within Axiom. This new development offers firms a comprehensive system solution for mapping processes and controls to the CASS rules. The system also provides firms with a comprehensive governance framework to effectively manage roles and responsibilities at all levels of the firm. For more information, please download the RACI Rosediem-Axiom Brochure



Our partnership with Bovill enables us to provide CASS automation benefits to their clients, particularly mid-sized asset managers and banks who are caught by CASS outside of the banking exemption. Bovill’s boutique size combined with their international presence enable them to bring a bespoke CASS advisory service with a global reach.


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