About Us

Axiom HQ is an industry-leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions for the financial services industry.

We are an early-stage RegTech company. RegTech (i.e. Regulation Technology) in the financial sector is a subset of FinTech. It refers to firms that apply technology to the challenges of regulatory compliance. Our market is currently UK-based Financial Services firms with a focus on asset managers, wealth managers, banks and platforms.

Our Journey So Far

We were formed in 2013 as a software development agency who built systems on request and charged clients on a ‘time and materials’ basis. Some of the interesting problems that we have tackled include automating KYC and onboarding processes, forward-ladder modelling and post-trade analytics, commodity-backed Sharia-compliant deposit and loan processing and the automation of various back-office workflows.

In 2014, one of our clients drew our attention to the area of ‘CASS’ (Client Assets) regulation and suggested we work on a solution to the big changes in CASS regulation which came into force in June 2015 (FCA Policy Statement 14/9). We created a prototype system called ‘CASS Director’ which automated the CASS Resolution Pack, Trust Acknowledgement Letters and the CASS control matrix.

Our first client in 2015 was a global share registrar company who licenced Axiom, realised the benefits and doubled their business with us in the first 6 months.

Based on this early success we were able to secure £1.5M of angel investment in 2017 and 2018 to build out the functionality, move hosting to the cloud and increase our headcount by recruiting roles in the areas of sales, marketing and product development.

We now employ 15 staff and have over 30 clients using the Axiom platform, including some of the largest global asset managers, investment firms and banks.

Thanks to the support and feedback from our user groups we are pleased to be recognised as one of the leading RegTech platforms in the industry, providing solutions for regulated financial firms to manage and control their regulatory risk.



Our Core Values

Our core values are:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Decisiveness
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Initiative

We use these values as a practical tool to help evaluate our own behaviours, the performance of our teams, our service to clients and our return to shareholders.

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Industry-leading regulatory compliance solutions

Axiom HQ provides regulatory compliance solutions designed to help you demonstrate and evidence compliance using Axiom platform’s comprehensive rules-mapping, risk and control tools, automated reporting features and powerful dashboards.

Axiom HQ is a trusted partner of the top financial services companies