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Axiom Update 3.9.3

We are pleased to announce that Axiom version 3.9.3 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue where some items could be hidden on the matrix view when making ‘advanced’ join relationships
  • Fixed an issue where related reminders were not showing on the matrix CSV export or allowing search
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the ‘basic’ matrix mode button whilst already in basic mode would open the ‘advanced’ relationship picker

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at

Matthew Bruce | Wed, July 3rd, 2019

I'm Head of Product for Axiom. I believe in strategic product development that delivers maximum short-term value for our customers whilst supporting for our long-term objectives and vision. Please reach out to me if you want to know more about how we're making the regulatory compliance sector better for everyone.

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