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Axiom HQ launches new compliance SaaS offering – Axiom for SYSC – The Compliance Solution for SYSC Regulated Financial Firms

Axiom HQ, an industry-leading supplier of regulatory compliance software, has launched a new compliance solution for SYSC regulated financial firms, Axiom for SYSC, which has been designed to assist firms in meeting the requirements of the regulator’s Systems and Controls Sourcebook.

Financial firms are continuously assessing their systems and controls to ensure that they meet the demands of a constantly evolving business landscape. Axiom for SYSC has been created to offer a powerful automation solution for SYSC compliance and to provide end-to-end visibility and oversight of your compliance operations. This reduces the time and cost of compliance monitoring, internal audit and preparing for an external audit and regulator visits.

Our new solution brings together Axiom HQ’s knowledge of developing SaaS compliance software for some of the largest regulated financial firms in the UK.

Axiom HQ CEO and Founder, John O’Dwyer says:

“Achieving effective oversight and management of compliance operations can be a challenge when processes and procedures in place are manual and fragmented widely across multiple departments and systems. Axiom is a single unifying solution for gaining oversight of all your compliance procedures and managing outsourced operations.”

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Axiom HQ is an industry-leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions for the financial services industry with a focus on the Regulator Handbook. Axiom is one of the most successful new RegTech firms to emerge during the last 3 years with our solution now implemented at over 20 retail banks, asset managers, wealth managers and platforms.

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| Tue, June 26th, 2018

Shaun Jeavons is a Product Owner at AxiomHQ. He manages the Quality of Life improvements for the Axiom platform liaising with the internal technical team and external clients.

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