The Compliance Solution for SYSC Regulated Financial Firms

Almost every regulated firm must substantially comply with SYSC, the regulator’s Systems and Controls sourcebook. No doubt you have numerous systems, controls and record-keeping processes in place already but can you really prove that you comply?

Axiom offers a powerful rules-mapping and automation solution for SYSC which gives you the governance overview and peace of mind that you comply. This substantially reduces the cost of preparing for and conducting compliance monitoring, internal and external audit, and regulator visits.

With the costs of compliance on a steady march upwards for almost every financial firm, can you afford not to implement Axiom for SYSC to minimise the impact?



Prove that you comply with all applicable regulations. Systematically map the rules to your processes and controls and document applicability decisions. Easily identify gaps and weed out duplication of effort.



Map responsibilities throughout your firm for a single record of who does what in compliance. Simplify compliance monitoring and prepare your firm for the post-SMCR world where senior manager responsibilities will be tracked in more detail, to promote good governance at the individual and firm levels.



View compliance activity on a series of powerful dashboards suitable for risk committees, compliance teams and senior management. Identify risks and drill down to root causes and ownership. All with full traceability back to the regulator sourcebook.



Automate attestation workflows to make the company-wide attestation pyramid a reality. No more need for senior managers to take a leap of faith with high level attestations. Make commitments with full visibility of the responsibility matrix and historical compliance MI.


Single view

Have your other systems notify Axiom of key compliance events. Whether it is automated reconciliations, best execution, call monitoring or in-house batch processing, you can automatically notify Axiom of systems activity and results to pull through onto our dashboards. One place to see your compliance activity end-to-end, whether manual or automated.



Store or signpost all relevant documentation in one place to streamline audit preparation and visits. No need to change your network and file servers as Axiom can act both as primary repository and/or signposting record. Either way, everything you need to show the auditors is found in one organised place.


Audit preparation

Substantially reduce audit costs before, during and after the visit with Axiom’s automatically maintained matrix and documentation views. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and unwieldy Word documents with impressive online views of your compliance universe however you want to view it.

Get in touch with Axiom to see how our SYSC solution can help you proving you comply.