The Compliance Solution for CASS Regulated Financial Firms

Achieving effective oversight and management of compliance operations can be a challenge when processes and procedures in place are manual and fragmented widely across multiple departments and systems, as is often the case with CASS.

This makes ongoing compliance management difficult, especially when it comes to showing the regulator and auditors how your business has complied with the rules.

Axiom is a regulatory compliance solution designed to help you demonstrate and evidence compliance, by using its comprehensive rules-mapping, risk and control tools, automated reporting features and powerful dashboards.

Axiom for CASS

  • CASS 6
  • CASS 7
  • CASS 8
  • CASS 9
  • CASS 10
  • CMAR
  • Resolution Pack

Choose only the chapters that meet your CASS requirements or the whole CASS rulebook.

Why use Axiom?


Improve Productivity

Automate repetitive and time-consuming processes to increase operational efficiency.

Minimise Risk

Reduce risk of compliance and audit failures.

 simplify audit prep

Simplify Audit Preparation

Generate customisable CASS reports and save valuable time ahead of audits.

Enhance Oversight

Improve senior management oversight of CASS compliance and demonstrate a culture of compliance.

 monitor in realtime

Monitor in Real-time

Continually monitor business compliance centrally and in real-time.

Reduce costs

Stem the burgeoning costs of compliance with automation, staff awareness and training benefits.

reduce costs

Key features of the solution

 compliance expertise

Compliance Expertise

Expert content provided by nationally recognised CASS consultants.

Product Support

1 on 1 technical support and comprehensive in-house training.

product Support
 report documents

Content Templates

Process, risk and control templates for your industry sector and business type.


Scalable for new regulation and future updates.



Comprehensive onboarding processes, and support to upload your existing mappings.

User-driven Innovation

System development in line with client requirements and feature requests.


cass clubs

Axiom CASS Clubs

Expert guidance and peer-discussion though client-only workshops.

Auto Updates

Direct link to the FCA rulebook with automatic updates.


Solutions for every business

Whether you are a small, medium or large regulated firm, managing compliance can represent a disproportionate overhead on the cost of doing business. Axiom is designed to deliver clear efficiency and risk benefits at every level, with an Axiom package available for firms of all sizes.